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Does your organization have a comprehensive discovery management plan? The lack of established guidelines can have disastrous implications in the event of litigation.

SuperiorReview Consultants develop reliable and affordable discovery management plans to help corporations and law firms with data-intensive discovery projects and litigation preparedness initiatives.

We offer consulting services for clients regarding the electronic discovery process, and can assist you in developing and implementing a proactive, comprehensive discovery management program that will help minimize the risk of extensive exposure in the event of litigation. Additionally, we can help you ensure that your organization is complying with state and federal discovery obligations.

Our Consultants can help you to define causation, clarify your goals, and create a solid, defensible discovery management plan.  We’re broadly staffed, with decades of experience in the corporate legal and law firm environments, and our service-oriented technology, data and project management teams are an excellent resource throughout the discovery life cycle.

Whether you’re preparing for a current case or looking toward the possibility of future litigation, a thorough and consistent discovery management program is a critical aspect of your organization's litigation management efforts.  To assist in the development of such a program, we will first work with your legal and technology departments to create a “data map” so that key persons know where the critical data resides. Next, we’ll spend time with the various corporate departments to outline an appropriate data retention program and ensure that it is well-documented and consistently applied.  Finally, we’ll propose a proactive approach to data collection, processing and re-purposing that will save both time and money.

Now that the Federal Rules have been amended to explicitly direct parties to account for all electronically stored information, it is imperative that corporate counsel possess a thorough understanding of the organization’s electronic information infrastructure. Attorneys can no longer wait for IT personnel to deliver the data - instead, attorneys must be meaningfully involved.

By engaging in the development of a discovery management initiative and implementing proactive preparedness methods, SuperiorReview together with Altep can help you create a more defensible climate for both current and future litigation.   And our experience has shown that preparedness saves an organization time and money when and if litigation does arise.

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